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Affirmations For Kids

The impact of affirmations on kids could be said to be even greater than it is for adults. Affirmations are not just limited to being influential to adults.

Though self affirmations has been known to help adults immensely, however theoretically, the effects of affirmations should be even greater for children because kids have not gone through all the conditioning and ‘brainwashing’ that adults gradually go through in their life.

The mind of a child

affirmations for kidsThe mind of a child is more open and accepting of ideas and suggestions. Just like a cup gets filled by water, as a person grows older their mind is gradually filled with experiences and conditioning by the environment. For kids, their cup is quite empty. Anything that is suggested to them gets sucked in and accepted quite quickly.

Because of this, a child can either quickly accept positive empowering messages, or negative disempowering ones. There can be serious consequences if we’re not careful with what ideas and messages we consistently feed to our child.

Affirmations are typically less effective for adults (in the short term) because adults have been conditioned throughout the years to adopt certain beliefs and thinking. The longer something has been in place, the harder it is to change and replace it.

Not to say that nothing can be done about that, there are ways to break off these conditioning. However as they say, prevention is better than cure.

So practicing affirmations prevents the cup of a child’s mind from being filled with disempowering beliefs. Consistent practice of affirmations will change a child’s thought process, from negative to positive.

For younger children, make practicing affirmations a daily activity which both parent and child can participate together. Young kids love spending time with parents and will enjoy themselves at the same time.

Affirmations for kids

I understand the lessons taught in school

I enjoy learning and gaining new knowledge

Learning is fun and exciting

I am proud of being unique (useful for kids who feel ‘different’ from other kids around them) affirmations for kids

I learn and improve from my mistakes

I believe in myself and my abilities

Setbacks will only make me stronger

I am smart and I have great ideas

I am talented and gifted in my own way

Final thoughts…

Regardless of age, explain to kids what are affirmations and why are they doing it. Belief plays a very important role in the effectiveness of affirmations. If you believe that it won’t work and is a total waste of time, that is the exact result that you will get.

Give your kids happiness and confidence to face the world by teaching them affirmations. It is a priceless gift.

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