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With emotion and desire, make things happen!

emotion and desire What’s the importance of emotion and desire? If you have read Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill, you would know that according to him, one of the prerequisite’s for success is to have a burning desire. You won’t go far without it. Many successful people seem to agree with that.

So what is desire? Desire is to want something/someone/etc deeply. It’s a wish or a want, except that it is of a much stronger yearning. There are varying levels of desire, from normal desire to a very high desire, which many like to call a burning desire.

Michael Jordan spent most of his waking hours practicing his basketball skills. And when he isn’t practicing, he is thinking about ways to improve his skills. Now that is a burning desire for the game of basketball.

Everyone has a burning desire for something. Some are clear about it, others aren’t so sure. What is your passion? If you had all the money and time in the world, what would you be doing? If you can answer that quickly without any doubt, then you know it is one of your burning desires. You are excited about it everyday and think about it constantly.

Why emotion and desire are important?

Emotion and desire gives power and energy to your wanting. Understand that you won’t achieve something unless you really want it. Only when you truly yearn for something. God, the universe, the supreme power whatever you wanna call it, will only give you what you want when you demonstrate that you have a burning desire for it. Having a burning desire is not all that you will need, but without it success is harder to come by.

The key here is to have congruency. Don’t say something if you don’t mean it. Don’t ask for something if you don’t really want it. The universe will know the truth and you would know it as well.

In medical cases, have you ever heard phrases like “It was his desire to live that pulled him through” or something like that? We hear cases like that all the time. The patient only had a small chance of surviving, something went wrong during the operation, he stopped breathing for too long, his heart stopped for too long etc all these things that should have resulted in death but it didn’t happen. It is the patient’s desire for life that made it possible.

Having emotion and desire is the only thing that can make possible the seemingly impossible. It has a power beyond imagination.

Here are some ways to develop a burning desire.

1. Desire for something that you’re passionate about – When it is something that you’re absolutely passionate about, you will automatically have a burning desire for it. It’s hard to have a burning desire for things that you’re not interested in. Musicians love music, sportsmen love their sport. The best advice is to go for things you are passionate about. Work with yourself, don’t go against and force yourself.

2. Use NLP techniques – Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques – in particular sub-modalities and anchoring can help you develop a burning desire for whatever you want. With NLP methods you intentionally induce emotion and desire, and proceed to associate it with your goal. You can find out more in my NLP techniques page. (find the link in the navigation bar)

3. Brainstorm benefits – The more benefits getting something can bring, the more excited and desire you will have for it. Many times we know what we want and how it can benefit us, however we are not clear on the details. Brainstorm how achieving that can help you in the clearest terms possible. In specific terms, how does it help you physically, intellectually, financially, in relationships etc? What can you do with it? What can you prevent with it? What will that lead to?

Don’t just be like - I want to exercise cause it’s good for me. Come up with a long detailed list. Focus more on things that can affect your daily life immediately. For example, by exercising ;

emotion and desire • I feel good about myself

• More vitality throughout the day

• Perform better personally and professionally

• Don’t have to rely on coffee in the morning

• Make use of my gym membership

• Look attractive

• Make my partner happy

• Reduce stress

• Prevent diseases, cancer etc

• Can finally go on that beach trip without feeling embarrassed!!

Have both the things that you can get, and things you can prevent.

4. Visualize achieving it – After you have come up with a detailed list of benefits, now visualize achieving that desire and experiencing those benefits. Make it as vivid and detailed as possible. That will sure to raise your emotion and desire for it.

5. Use your physiology – Pump your fist, jump up and down, shout, smile, laugh… whatever works for you. These are the normal actions when we’re passionate about something. Show these actions when thinking or doing something and you’ll start to associate and feel more emotion and desire towards it. Try it out. Yup, it’s simple but it works.

Final thoughts….

When you have a burning desire for something, you have a purpose. A reason for doing whatever it is you do. You won’t feel that it is a chore, you won’t feel lazy. You’ll be waking up everyday looking forward to it.

A burning desire can be developed. Create that emotion and desire by using the steps above. Use it and make the impossible happen!!

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