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Interested to know how NLP works? Find out below

We have heard from many sources that NLP can do great things. But do we know how NLP works?

When I was first introduced to NLP, I was pretty much blown away by how powerful and effective it is. Naturally, I was curious to find out how it works and how it actually does what it does.

Knowing how something works helps us to make use of it more effectively. The same can be said for NLP. When you know how NLP works, you will understand what exactly you are doing and how it is affecting you.

Go through the 3 step understanding process below to know how NLP works.

1. Conscious & subconscious mind

To know how NLP works, we must first understand how our mind works. It was discovered that the human mind consists of 2 parts. The conscious mind, and the subconscious mind. A metaphor often used to describe the conscious and subconscious is an iceberg.

how nlp works

The part of the iceberg visible to the surface is our conscious mind. The portion underwater is our subconscious mind, which apart from illustrating that it is hidden from view, it also portrays the subconscious mind’s larger power and influence.

The conscious mind is the part of our mind that is conscious and holding your attention now. It does all the thinking, the reasoning, analysis, it is our intellect. The subconscious mind, is the part that is in the background of the consciousness. It functions as the memory bank, drives emotions, imagination, habits, and regulate involuntary body functions (eg heart beat, breathing)

The subconscious mind holds our beliefs, habits, fears & emotions. That practically controls what we think, and how we act, which basically produces the quality of our lives. These beliefs, habits etc that we have now were not put there by the result of conscious choice. But rather, it was developed from the events and experience in our lives. Obviously, a man with phobia for flying did not ‘decide’ to have that phobia. Something triggered that, such as a really bad flight experience.

2. Power of the subconscious mind

As mentioned earlier, the subconscious mind holds our beliefs, emotions, habits etc. We humans are creative beings. Your thoughts, beliefs and habits will lead to the actions you take, thus creating your reality.

The subconscious mind is so powerful that it will manifest whatever you believe in. I heard of a story of a man who had a minor illness. He had it checked out in a hospital. After running some tests, he was waiting for a doctor in a room. A doctor mistakenly went into that room, believing that he was another patient who had cancer. The doctor then told the man he had cancer, and said that he only had a very short time to live.

This man, who does not have any major illnesses, died that night of a heart attack. His subconscious believed that message so strongly that it made it a reality. Whatever is in your subconscious mind, no matter how unlikely or how difficult, it will find a way to make you make it happen.

3. Access to the subconscious?

how nlp works So we have established that the seat of our power is with the subconscious mind. This is exactly why even though we know what to do, how to do it, and when to do it, we don’t do it. It’s because our subconscious mind is stopping us. That’s why all your thinking, analysis, reasoning etc through your conscious mind has no impact on the final actions you take.

So how do we get to the subconscious?

As mentioned earlier, our beliefs, habits etc gets embedded into the subconscious through experience and events. Before getting into the subconscious, the conscious mind will filter what goes into the subconscious. It acts as a shield and will block whatever it does not agree to.

The reason it does that is to provide a structure of reality for the subconscious. It will analyze based on references, past experiences and logic. Imagine if every message you receive doesn’t have a filter and goes directly to your subconscious.

Sidetrack : Understand that what is in your subconscious mind is not 100% true. We believe it to be true, but it may not be. Our subconscious makes conclusions based on the information it has. Often times we don’t have all the information. We only see part of the picture. This will distort the ‘correctness’ of your beliefs, capabilities, etc.

Another thing is your interpretation of the information may be wrong too. All these influence what you ultimately fill into your subconscious. Like when you don’t achieve a desired result, you can either view it as failure or as a valuable learning experience. So in the end, nothing is definitive.

In the end, don’t get worked up over getting it ‘right’. The objective here is not to get your information & your interpretation correct, because that is impossible.

The goal is to put in good, empowering, positive stuff into your subconscious. Because that is the thing that will influence your present and future reality for the better.

Now back to how NLP works. Though the conscious filter is a very valuable tool to help us survive, it has also given us many limitations. For many people, this filter has denied them their personal power. When they tell themselves “I can do it!”, their conscious mind goes “No you can’t. You failed last time, what makes you think it’s gonna be different now”. It’s all analytical, logical, based on past experience and past references.

But of course we all know who you are now is not who you were before. You’ve improved, you’ve learned your lesson, who’s to say you can’t do it now. But unfortunately, that’s not how the brain works. This is especially true for those who’ve failed numerous times, that it reinforces the belief that they cannot do it.

So, though we want the conscious mind to be giving us a structure of reality to help us survive, we would also rather want to be able to control what goes through the filter or not. That would be the ultimate goal. And this is exactly where NLP comes in. This is how NLP works.

how nlp works To put it in a nutshell, I would say how NLP works is by giving us the ability to bypass the conscious mind (thus avoiding the filters) and implant a message, an idea into our subconscious.

This is exactly why it can bring immediate results. Normal therapy requires you to slowly chip away at the filter. Step by step loosening the filter so the message can get through. With NLP techniques it goes directly to the subconscious. Because it’s application is through using the language of the brain. The code of the brain.

The feeling I get when using NLP is that you will no longer be ‘talking to’ your brain in a language it cannot understand. Rather you will be programming it with the compatible programming language. Just like a computer software.

Final thoughts….

That is basically how NLP works, by communicating to the brain directly in the language of the brain. So if you want to make full use of your potential (and not just 2% of your brain), learn more about this amazing method called NLP.

Have a great day ahead!!

Self Improvement Mentor is not just about sharing tips for increasing productivity or becoming smarter. Rather the information here approaches self improvement through total alignment and integration of the whole being to support the outcome. True lasting success can only exist when the soul, mind, body and emotions are aligned.

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