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Learn how to control emotions and anger using a quick 4 step process

How to control emotions and anger- Getting angry and losing control is one of the things that almost everyone has difficulties with. It is a very widespread global 'condition' which does seem to be getting worse in recent times.

Even if someone generally has a good temper, if pushed far enough and given the 'right' circumstances, he or she may lose it and end up in a fit of rage.

So though anger is a natural emotion, it can be very harmful to us.

The consequences of getting angry can be very costly for us. Often times after getting angry, we would regret it afterwards. We might have done something stupid like lash out at someone, said things that we shouldn't have said, or even resort to physical releases such as throwing and damaging things or worse still, getting into a fight and striking at someone.

Apart from these direct consequences of anger, we also mustn't forget the damaging effect of anger on one's physical health.

With that in mind here is a quick yet effective method on how to control emotions and anger. It is based on the fact that our physiology has a direct link with our emotions. Meaning that the way you stand, breath, walk, talk etc influences your emotions to a certain extent and that includes anger. In this method you control anger is by controlling your physiology.

To know how to control emotions and anger, just follow the steps below whenever you are swept over by a wave of anger.

  1. Start taking deep breaths. Breathe in a slow, calm and rhythmic pattern. Focus on the breathing, deliberately make it slow and calm. If you are able to, try visualizing the breath coming in and out of your body.
  2. Be aware of the muscle tension in your body. When we are angry we usually have some muscular tension in certain key areas in the body. Common areas include the forehead / eyebrows area, the shoulders, the abdomen and the neck. Other areas of your body may be experiencing this tension too. Internally, be aware of what your body is feeling.
  3. Go from head to toe, or toe to head, and slowly in your mind scan through each area of your body. As you are moving through each part of your body, relax that area of the body. Let go of the muscle tension, feel it becoming soft and without energy. Fully relax the muscles in your body. If you do it till you no longer have any feeling
  4. Finally after relaxing your body, get into an empowering physiology. Stand upright and straight, be relaxed, and look straight and focused. Adopt a strong body language and facial expression. All these will have an effect on the way you feel emotionally.

It is often times easy to neglect doing all this and just take the easy route and keep dwelling in the anger. That is taking the easy way out. However always remind yourself about the benefits of doing this as well as the consequences of not controlling your anger. All it takes is some awareness and discipline on our part to do this.

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