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Discover the how to write affirmations the right way for maximum impact and effectiveness

It is always a good idea to learn how to write affirmations. While it is true that you can find affirmations on a variety of topics such as health, happiness, confidence and others from many different sources including this website, sometimes you would want to focus on a very specific area or challenge that you are facing.

For such cases, it is definitely better and more effective to practice affirmations that are as specific as possible to your ultimate goal or objective. When you are facing this, the best thing would be to create your own affirmations!

How To Write Affirmations Effectively

Follow the below tips and guidelines when you are coming up with your own affirmations. Doing this can help you to create more effective affirmations.

1. Refer to the present

Your affirmation should be referring to the present. Why? If you use past tense that would mean you are inferring (to your subconscious and your unconscious) that this is something that you previously wanted in the past but not necessarily right now.

Likewise when you use future tense it means what you are asking for will only happen 'sometime' in the future. And while it is normal and realistic to expect that whatever it is you are affirming will only happen in the future, it is important to specifically state when. If this future period is vague then the mind would not know when it is and when it should happen.

So, as far as you can, try to use the word 'Now' in your affirmations. If it is more apt to state a future period, then make sure you specifically state when it will happen. Give it a specific date, for example - By May 2012 I would have achieved ________

2. Avoid negative words

Make use of positive words / statements and avoid negatives in your affirmations. The reason for this is because double negatives are not recognized by the subconscious mind. If you say something like "I will no longer overeat", what will be picked up by the subconscious is "I will overeat". Rather than using a double negative, use a positive statement instead. For example, "I will eat healthy foods in healthy portions".

Using positive statements would help you get the intended message across.

3. Have a few alternatives - mix it up!

Instead of just using one affirmation and repeating it over and over again, have a few variations of it. This helps keep things fresh and interesting when you are doing the practice of your affirmations. In addition this also prevents things from getting 'boring' and helps you avoid getting into a state where you end up just going through the motions and doing your affirmations without any passion or intent.

4. Keep it short and impactful

writing affirmations Don't come up with a long winded, detailed affirmation with too much information crammed into it. Instead, you want to keep your affirmations short and straight to the point. A short sentence of around 5 - 12 words would be perfect.

Also you don't need to use big complex words. Rather write your affirmation in a style that is in the usual way that you communicate internally and externally. If this is the way you usually speak to yourself, then it is the best way for you to get the message across.

5. Be specific

This is the reason you are writing your own affirmation in the first place. You want it to be as specific to your objective as possible. The less vague the affirmation, the better it is. Success can only be present when there is precision and clarity.

Final Thoughts...

Affirmations can be very impactful, but only if it is done properly. Make sure that you follow the above five guidelines on how to write affirmations.

In addition to learning how to write affirmations that are effective, it is also just as important to practice affirmations the right way as well, which is why it is a good thing to know how to use affirmations in the proper way.

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