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The Importance of Motivation :

Your Driver To Success

What is the importance of motivation? When you look around there’s plenty of books, seminars and resources on motivation. But how important is motivation really?

Usually, people who are interested in motivation are either parents or employers. The reason for their interest is pretty obvious. However when it comes to motivating themselves, many people never seriously consider on that aspect of their life.

I think it’s fair to say that self motivation is pretty underrated and neglected by people. Many are just too busy dealing with life that they never spare any time thinking about motivating themselves. It’s not just that, some people strongly believe that they do not need any motivation.

For them it’s like “Of course I’m motivated. Who doesn’t want to be successful? Who doesn’t want to be financially, emotionally and spiritually rich”

Well of course everyone wants success. However we must remember that talking about desiring success is one thing, but being motivated enough to commit oneself to ensure success is another thing. The difference is in the degree of motivation you have.

Here’s the thing, the question isn’t whether you are motivated or not. The question is whether you are motivated enough or not.

importance of motivation

Crap happens to everyone!

When everything is going well, of course we feel that there isn’t much need for self motivation. However, when things aren’t going so well, when shit happens, the importance of motivation becomes apparent. The value of having strong self motivation shines through during times of crisis.

Take for example, when a person suffers a major setback. Let’s say he has just lost all his money, reputation etc. What will happen if he has low self motivation? How would he react?

importance of motivation Well the human spirit has an unbelievably strong will to survive. So there’s no doubt that he will get back to living as usual.

However usually by the time that happens, that person would have been through a lot of emotional suffering and depression. He would have wasted a lot of precious time and his health probably suffered as well.

Not exactly the ideal scenario.

Compare that with people who have strong self motivation. Many of those negative reactions will never happen. If you have strong self motivation, no matter what happens you’ll be focused on turning things around and coming back stronger.

So instead of feeling miserable and sorry for yourself whenever you face setbacks, why not have self motivation.

The importance of motivation in human progress

Here’s a scenario to chew on ;

What if everyone happily settled with what they currently have? What if people have no additional wants or requests. How would the world be like? Well perhaps there will be more happy people around. But one thing’s for sure, if that happened, the level of human advancement and progress would not be at the level that it is right now.

importance of motivation All the progress made throughout the history of mankind first came from the minds of great individuals. These pioneers had the motivation and vision for a better world through advancement in various areas of life.

It is this motivation that drove them to keep on trying, to keep putting in effort, to never give up on seeing their vision come into creation. If these individuals did not have a strong motivation, would they have been able to achieve what they did? Definitely not. If during those days they did not have self motivation, then today we would not be able to enjoy all the benefits of their creations.

Final thoughts…

The importance of motivation is clear. Motivation is the one thing that keeps us going when the going gets tough. When we feel like giving up; when we feel lazy; when we feel frustrated, it is motivation that pulls us through. Without motivation great things cannot be achieved.

Perhaps it is time we start giving self motivation the importance it deserves.

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