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Can Instant Manifestation Using The Law Of Attraction?

Is instant manifestation possible?

The possibility of manifesting desires instantaneously is the major reason why many people are so fascinated and attracted to learning about the law of attraction.

Gurus and common folks alike have shared their experiences of instantly manifesting in the various books, websites and other resources on the law of attraction. Even most of us probably have had such experiences.

So how can we make it happen all the time?

While all this ‘evidence’ clearly points to the existence of instant manifestation, what is important is for us to understand that this doesn’t mean that we should expect it to happen all the time.

Why Manifestation Takes Time

If the law of attraction and manifestation works as it should, why does it need time?

This is because in the physical dimension, there is a time lag between the intention and the actual manifestation. That is the way the Universe works. There is good reason for this too, because not everyone can ‘handle’ instant manifestation.

Think of it this way, what if everyone really had the ability to manifest their desires instantly? How would the world turn out?

As most people are still unable to fully control their minds and thoughts, being able to instantly manifest would most likely cause chaos in their life. The only way is for them to constantly control and monitor their thoughts and emotions. And for people who are always carrying negative thoughts, doing this is even more important.

In addition to that, the ability to manifest instantly can become utterly dangerous in individuals who have unreasonable thinking and extreme beliefs.

In a nutshell, for instantaneous manifestation to be possible, a person has to have a certain level of spiritual maturity. For the majority of people, they are not at that point yet. And because of that people intent for the wrong things, they do not know what’s best for them, they can’t control their emotions and thoughts or they may wish harm to others or themselves.

Having Instant Manifestation

The times where manifestation seemingly instantly happens are during the brief moments that we are spiritually aligned and connected with the Universe. It is like you are in the zone spiritually. During these moments manifestation happens easily and effortlessly because on a higher level, we are able to transcend time.

So how do we have more of these moments?

Well there are no short cuts to it. It is only possible to experience these moments on a regular basis through developing spiritual maturity and having a deep understanding of the world and life.

In the end, there is no way to make things happen faster than it should. Rather we should allow the manifestation to come to us.

It is difficult to describe in words, but as you grow spiritually and gain higher understanding and acceptance of life, you will instinctively understand and start manifesting easier and faster.

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