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Harnessing the law of attraction and manifestation

The law of attraction and manifestation has been around for a long time. People in personal development and self improvement can easily relate to it as some concepts of it are quite evident in various self improvement teachings.

In recent years, the law of attraction and manifestation has become a really hot subject. What was once a subject previously confined to the domain of the New Age, metaphysical and spirituality is now very much mainstream.

Most people now know what the law of attraction is all about. This is primarily due to the phenomena of The Secret - a self help film and book written and produced by Rhonda Byrne about the law of attraction.

What is the law of attraction and manifestation?

The law of attraction is simply the law of the Universe that whatever you desire for and intend to have, you will attract it to you. In short, your thoughts dictate what you experience in reality.

Find that hard to believe?

Well have you ever experienced instances of uncanny coincidences? Such as when you were thinking about an old friend and a moment later your phone rings and it is that friend calling.

Or when you are crazing for a particular food and then your mom or wife comes home with that very dish?

That is the law of attraction at work.

You have in fact attracted those things to you through using the power of your intention and desire. I’m sure many of us have experienced such situations, it’s just that we usually brush it off and dismiss it as a mere coincidence.

How does the law of attraction work?

Though the idea of the law of attraction has been around since many centuries ago, it can be explained through quantum physics.

In quantum physics, everything in the universe is energy. Our thoughts like everything else, is made up of pure energy. As such, what we are thinking of everyday is actually energy that is constantly sent out to the Universe.

Following the spiritual law that ‘Like attracts like’ - this energy will go out and attract back to you what you sent out.

If you sent out negative thoughts and focused only the bad, you will bring negative things to you. However, if you sent out positive thoughts and only focused on what you desire, that will be what you will attract.

Is the law of attraction and manifestation really that easy?

Despite the efforts of various parties to try to make it seem as though the law of attraction is very easy and direct, that actually isn’t the case. Not to say that it is difficult or impossible, but one has to have a fuller understanding and other considerations to take note of.

One of the disagreements that I have with The Secret is how it presents the law of attraction in a very one dimensional and surface level perspective.

The teachings are correct, the things said by the various gurus are true, however it is the way that it is presented that provides a much too simplistic view of things, and this may distort things and mislead people.

Indeed, though The Secret was widely accepted initially, after some time the hype of died down and people went back to living their lives just as before.

Making the law of attraction work for you

You cannot just intend to have a million dollars or wish for all the good things fall on your lap. That is the big problem people have, they treat the law of attraction like it is a lottery. Realize that these intentions are just surface level ego needs.

To make the law of attraction work, two things must to be present;

Your intention must be congruent in every part of your being – Physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You may desire for wealth at the ego level but at the spiritual level you may seek to experience growth in certain areas.

You must have unshakable and consistent belief - Never have a shred of doubt. Once you start doubting or worrying about whether you can attract something, it will never happen. Keep this belief until what you intend is manifested.

With these two handled, the law of attraction will come easily and naturally to you. Focus on these aspects as you learn more about the law of attraction. As you go through experiences harnessing the law of attraction, you will realize that it is very much a part of the spiritual journey that everyone goes through.

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