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Can Money and Happiness Exist Together?

The subject of money and happiness is an interesting subject because there seems to be many contradictory ideas around it. No doubt everyone (perhaps apart from wise men and sages) desires money. At the same time there also seems to be signs and indications that despite what money can do, it brings along hurt and pain with it.

money and happiness So can a person be happy without money? Conversely, can someone who has a lot of money be happy?

From a logical standpoint, money should be an enabler of happiness because money allows us to buy, do or experience things that we desire. No doubt there are things that money can't buy. But it is fair to say that when you have money, there are lesser limitations.

So following that reasoning, shouldn't money lead to happiness? Isn't the existence of happiness somewhat tied to the availability of money?

However on the other hand, we have all heard of various stories of how money affected people negatively. For example, fights over family inheritance, lost friendships, being an outcast to society because of having too much or too little money, people becoming greedy and selfish are just some of the common patterns that we see associated with money.

Contradictory idea of money and happiness

Because of these two contradictory ideas of money and happiness, within most of us, there exists a friction and opposing force surrounding money.

On the one hand, we naturally want more money because of the things money allows us to do. But at the same time there is also a part of us that fears and resents money as money does seem to break up families, friendships and change people.

What this creates in the long run is that we end up sabotaging ourselves. One part of us pursues and desires money, while another part fears having too much money and subconsciously gets rid of it in various ways.

This sabotaging is often done subconsciously and is the reason why people often find themselves constantly in the same financial situation regardless of what they try to do to improve it. They either make bad financial decisions or are just hit with bad luck and end up with roughly the same amount as before.

money and happiness

Know that how much you have financially is a reflection of how much money you subconsciously think you can handle.

If you are not ready to handle a certain amount of money then the Universe will not give it to you. This is because you consciously or subconsciously think that having it will bring negative consequences to you.

Somewhere within, people fear the change that a different financial circumstance will bring them. People like to be in their comfort zone and what they are familiar with. Having a different financial situation means going into something that they are unfamiliar with, and many people unconsciously fear this unknown.

That is why there are plenty of examples of regular people winning the lottery, but end up losing most of it and going back to their prior level of wealth in a short period of time.

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