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Can Money and Happiness Exist Together? (Part 2)

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Happiness comes from within

The issue people have with the idea of money and happiness is when people spend all their lives accumulating wealth and are successful at it, but find that it doesn't give them the happiness they desire.

We think that the acquisition of external things or experiences will make us happy. And it is true. We do feel happy when we buy stuff. The only problem is that happiness doesn't last.

It is the nature of our human mind to always seek something other than what we currently have to make us happy and contented. We are not good at being contented with our current situation no matter how abundant we already are.

The only time we feel peace and contented is at the moment immediately after we make a purchase or experience something that we have wanted to experience. When you do that, for a brief moment you are free from that incessant wanting of your mind.

You feel peace.

How long that peace and happiness lasts varies according to the size and magnitude of the purchase. It could be anything from a few hours to several days and weeks.

So in the end what we are really seeking is that peace of mind from our never-ending wants and desires. The continuous search for new things and experiences will not end. How long do you think you can keep up with it?

Getting Out Of The Cycle

money and happiness The only way to get out of this cycle is to be desire-less. To be contented from within and not rely on external things to make you happy. The good news is this can be developed.

Meditation, reflection, developing awareness and practicing stillness of the mind are all methods to shift your consciousness to be free from the cycle of your material wants and desires.

This does not mean you should shun all material things and live like monks. Rather it is about freeing yourself from being a slave to those desires and being empowered to choose what you want to have or experience. You can still enjoy the material things of this world, but now you are doing it because you deliberately choose to.

There are plenty resources about this under the subject of spirituality and particularly in the works of Eckhart Tolle and Guy Finley. Explore and learn more about it.

To put it in a nutshell, money and happiness can exist together. Money can bring joy and happiness as long as you do not tie happiness to money.

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