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NLP Self Esteem methods for unshakable confidence

One of the many reasons people use NLP is to help them with self esteem problems. NLP self esteem technique is a great way to develop self confidence quickly and effectively. By combining the power of visualization, repetition and association, this NLP self esteem method give a strong and immediate impact.

Regardless of what level your self esteem is currently at, use this technique to bring yourself to greater heights. High self esteem and unshakable confidence is the foundation of great individuals that are capable of accomplishing great things.

NLP self esteem method

NLP self esteem Take a few deep breaths and relax. Sit in a comfortable chair and make sure that you will not be disturbed for 10 minutes. If possible find a quiet location, external noise can be distracting and affect the effectiveness of the practice.

Once you are ready, follow the steps below.

1. Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Take a moment to clear your mind of any distractions. Now imagine you are sitting in a movie theatre. It is dark in the theatre and there’s a movie playing on the screen.

2. Now look at the cinema screen and watch the movie. It is a movie of someone whom you admire very much for their strong self esteem. (An alternative is to have a movie of yourself looking, dressing, acting and talking with great self esteem)

3. Watch the entire length of the movie. Make it roughly a 15-20 second clip. It is just a movie and you are just an observer. (Let it come naturally to you. Just a series of different scenes will be good. The movie doesn’t need to be detailed with storyline, sequencing etc)

4. Watch the movie once or several times. Then, float out of your seat in the movie theatre. Slowly float up and move towards and into the screen. Go into the lead character and assume his/her role. Now you are in the movie.

5. Run the movie again with you playing the role. Now you are one talking, walking, doing the things in the movie. Fully associate yourself to it. You are now actively a part of it and not just an observer.

6. Run the movie many times. Each time making the experience more intense and faster & faster. Till the point where you can go through the whole movie in a few seconds. As you do this, you will feel associated to the self esteem displayed.

NLP self esteem The brain cannot differentiate between something real and something we vividly imagine. By visualizing and associating to an experience, our brains accept it as real. Add that to having many repetitions and increasing the intensity, the experience of having great self esteem will be firmly etched into you.

You can use NLP submodalities to help intensify the experience when at step 5 and 6. Apart from that, when fully associated & intense in step 6, you can use NLP anchoring technique to anchor the experience of high self esteem to a trigger so that you can revisit this state anytime quickly.

Final thoughts…

Everyone on the planet has a special talent and ability. Unfortunately, most do not display it due to low self esteem. The human race and the planet as a whole is losing a lot of opportunities for advancement because of this.

Everyone of us owes it to the world to display our talents and contribute. Practice the NLP self esteem method, show your talent, be successful and help the planet at the same time.

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