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How to use positive thinking phrases to enhance every aspect of your life

Positive thinking phrases - Positivity is very important for success and happiness. You will never ever meet a negative person who is successful AND happy because true success and genuine happiness cannot be obtained without being positive.

In personal development, the act of positive thinking tend to be taken for granted. Because it is not a concrete action step and there is no visible direct impact from it, the importance of thinking positively is often quickly forgotten.

But the truth is thoughts have a great effect on results and experiences. Your thoughts will affect your state and your ultimate actions. And studies have also increasingly found that there is a correlation between the health and the positivity of a person.

That is why it is so important to remember to keep a positive mindset.

A very simple and effective method to have more positivity in your life is by using positive thinking phrases

The use of positive thinking phrases when you communicate (both internally and externally) can have a huge impact on your level of positivity. Now this doesn't mean that every word that you say needs to be positive. What you only truly need to know and remember is just a few key phrases that will cover all the various daily situations that you face.

The following positive thinking phrases could be adopted as your automatic response for the various situations that you face every day. You can silently or internally respond to what you are going through using these phrases.

When something favorable happens

I am grateful and thankful for being given this blessing

After achieving a goal or intended outcome

I am proud of my achievements and I know that I truly deserve this result

I acknowledge the excellent effort that I put in to achieve this

I happy and thankful to be rewarded for my efforts

After making a mistake

I will learn from this mistake and become better at what I do

This mistake does not affect my confidence or my abilities

When facing a 'failure' or disappointing result

I will grow from this experience and become stronger as a result of it

I have been given a great learning opportunity

This experience has thought me a great lesson

I did not get the results that I wanted, but this setback brings me one step closer to success

These positive thinking phrases can be like a 'ritual' that you use so that you ensure you stay in a positive perspective no matter what you experience.

Here's an additional tip, as far as possible, try to use positive words or phrases when interacting with others. The actual phrases and words that you choose to use will have a big effect on your state of mind.

For example, don't use phrases such as "This is awful" "I am so enraged" "I am gonna lose it". That will only make you feel more negative. Instead use less intense words such as "annoyed" "troubled" or "discouraged", and you will feel a lot better.

Similarly, don't just say that you're merely "happy", instead say that you're "delighted" "excited" and "ecstatic". You'll be amazed at the difference you feel.

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