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Practice prosperity affirmations and stop your self-induced scarcity today

Prosperity affirmations - Prosperity, abundance and happiness are things that everybody wants right? I mean, who wouldn't?

While we may think and assume that this is something natural which all humans desire to experience, surprisingly that isn't usually the case. While we may say and think and act like we want prosperity and abundance and all that, but deep down inside there is a part of us that doesn't truly believe in it.

Instead we have the belief that experiencing prosperity is not possible for us. We believe that we are unworthy of prosperity; we believe that we don't deserve it; we believe we are not capable of it; we believe it is beyond our reach; we believe it is only limited to others who are smarter, better or more 'worthy' than us.

You need to break out of all that, and one way to do it is with prosperity affirmations

prosperity affirmations Some time ago, somewhere down the road, unconsciously you made a pact with yourself. You made a pact that you would never experience prosperity - because you don't deserve it, because you're unworthy of it.

There may be a variety of factors and past experiences that made you believe in your unworthiness; For example, your past mistakes or a less than perfect past history can make you believe that you should be punished and you don't deserve good things. Likewise the years of conditioning by parents / teachers / relatives / friends who put you down and made you feel unworthy may also contribute to this. And not forgetting those past events in your life that could have made you believe in your unworthiness, such as not being selected for the school team, or being rejected in a relationship.

The good news is affirmations and particularly prosperity is a good way to counter that.

Practicing these prosperity affirmations will help you gradually overcome and break this pact. Of course doing this alone would not create miracles and change your life in an instant. But it would help you get towards that place of and acceptance of abundance and prosperity.

I let go of all self defeating and undeserving beliefs about myself

Prosperity is my birthright and I fully deserve to have it

I accept and allow my life to be filled with prosperity

I allow myself to be an open channel to receive prosperity from the Universe

I fully accept my birthright for prosperity

It is absolutely OK for me to be prosperous even if other people are not

I will no longer use scarcity as a self-induced punishment for my past mistakes and faults

I can be prosperous and still learn, growth and become a better person at the same time

I can be prosperous and still contribute to the world and make it a better place

Practice these affirmations everyday and mix and match between them. Choose a combination of 3 or 4 affirmations and internally or externally repeat it, alternating back and forth between them.

If you are currently not experiencing what you want to experience in life, it is only because of you are not allowing yourself to have that experience. Often times what is holding you back is you. It's not because you don't have the capability, the resources, the contacts or the luck.

Rather it is more of not having the self acceptance and love. Remember to focus on that and you will experience changes.

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