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8 quick self confidence tips that anyone can use anytime!

Self confidence tips - Sometimes in various situations, we need a boost of self confidence quickly. Such as when preparing for an important meeting, a presentation, meeting a client or just when you are feeling down and need a quick boost of confidence to feel better and bring your spirits up.

Fortunately, there are simple actions and habits that you can use to help boost your confidence. These are self confidence tips that can be used to immediately make you feel more confident. These self confidence tips can be used by everyone at anytime of the day, regardless of the situation.

Effective Self Confidence Tips


self confidence tips

Music is known to be able to immediately & effectively change our states. Listen to a sentimental song and we will start feeling emotional. It is the same for confidence. Find uplifting, confidence enhancing songs or music. Personally I like the Superman theme for obvious reasons. Get a list of as many songs as you like, put it in a CD, mp3 player, create a playlist of confident music tracks in your computer. Whenever you are not feeling confident, listen to it and let the music take over & inspire you to feel confident. Keep the music handy and nearby, like bringing your mp3 player whenever you are out, or keeping your CD in an easily accessible place.


Adopt a powerful, confident posture. This will usually be standing upright, head facing slightly up, chest pushed forward and breathing fully and deeply. Think of a person that you have always perceived to be confident, what is his/her posture like? Adopt that posture. If possible, use a full size mirror to ensure that you’re doing it right. If you can’t think of anyone, just think what a confident person’s posture would probably be like. Get to know the details of the confident posture and remember it. Adopt that posture and start feeling more confident anytime and anywhere.


Just like posture, walk with confidence. Usually it will be walking faster and walking with more energy and enthusiasm. Take every step as if you are 100% sure of it. Walk as if you are really sure of every step that you take. Feel sure of the direction you are heading as you take each step.


Project out your voice strongly as you speak. Speak in the way so that your voice is projected from your belly. Make it an assured tone, with a lively rhythmic pattern. Add more zing and enthusiasm to your speech. The choice of words used also has an impact on your level of confidence. Happy does not have the same impact as delighted. Similarly angry has a bigger influence than annoyed. Choose words that can bring out confidence. Eg. instead of saying you’ll ‘try’, say you are ‘determined’.


self confidence tips What and where you focus on can impact your confidence levels. Looking down, on the floor, on the road and on the steps you are taking will not do much good for your confidence. Rather, look up. Towards the sky, the trees, the buildings around you. For some reason, looking up gives us an optimistic feeling. Like there’s something to look forward to in the future. Looking down feels pessimistic and rather sad.

Give compliments

Giving compliments makes us feel good about ourselves. When you are giving out sincere compliments, you are searching for the best qualities in others. This inadvertently makes you search out the best qualities in yourself as well. What you project out will then come back to you. Besides, humans naturally feel happy when giving out compliments.

Look/dress good

self confidence tips Dressing and looking sharp can make a person feel better and more confident about themselves. By looking good and taking care of personal appearance, it will affect the way you act and communicate with others. It’s like if you dress sloppily, you’re allowed to act sloppily. But if look like a million bucks, you’re more likely to act like a million bucks. Spending a bit more on high quality clothing is a good investment.


Finally, smile more often. Smiling sends the signal to your brain that you’re happy and things are going well & under control. What a great way to start feeling more confident.

self confidence tips

Final thoughts…

Those are great self confidence tips that can be used anytime, anywhere to give you a boost of confidence whenever you need it. Give it a try, it works.

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