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Self Motivation Tips For Permanent & Natural Motivation

There are many self motivation tips out there. Many simple, quick things that you can do to give yourself a quick boost of motivation to stop procrastinating and take action. Some of these are shared in Self Motivation Techniques.

But what about permanent and lasting motivation?

Is there such a thing?

And are there any self motivation tips that can help achieve it?

We have seen many examples of this. Musicians, painters, writers, sportsperson, businessmen, professionals, sales people etc who are really passionate about what they do and are naturally motivated to do it everyday. There is a natural pull for them to keep doing it, keep improving themselves, keep working on their skills and knowledge etc.

A master is only as good as he is because he has motivation and passion for his chosen art.

So where does this natural motivation come from? self motivation tips

It is all about intrinsic motivation and finding your passion or calling that gives you that purpose and motivation. When you naturally have the interest, truly believe it to be your calling and believe that it has a positive and beneficial purpose for yourself and others, you will have that motivation.

To simplify things, your motivation depends on how interested and passionate you are about what you are doing as well as your beliefs about what it means to do it.

Having said that, in real life things are not always that easy. A person may be really passionate and motivated about pursuing something, but due to the circumstances such as the lack of financial resources, time, skills or just pure impracticality, it may not be possible.

It is great when your job, or the activity that you spend most of your time doing is what you are interested in and believe in. But what if it's not?

Whatever the case, whether your job is your passion or whether you are spending most of your time doing your passion or not, there will be aspects of your life where you will have to deal with things that you are not interested or passionate about.

So what can you do about that?

Lasting Self Motivation Tips

The hallmark of a true master is to have the ability to find motivation in every aspect of his or her life and in whatever he or she does.

How does the master do that?

To the master, it is not just about finding that one passion that he or she feels strongly about and trying to be involved in it only. Rather it is about the total acceptance of the current situation and circumstance and being fully present in it.

When there is full acceptance and presence, then the motivation and passion will naturally come along.

self motivation tips With that you will get into the flow - With total acceptance and presence while engaged in an activity, you will feel yourself and the activity become one. You feel yourself being in the 'flow' or in the 'zone' as they call it.

You are totally immersed and focused and everything flows effortlessly. When you are one with the activity you are coming from a divine part of your being.

True motivation comes when you are one with what you are engaging in. It doesn't matter what it is or how important or trivial the task is. If you are sweeping the floor, do it with total presence. If you're taking a walk, be one with the steps you take.

The Practice Of The Master

The master doesn't wait until he is engaged in something that he believes in or something that he enjoys doing. Rather he accepts and becomes present in everything that he does. He becomes fully engaged in what he does not because the situation allows him to or because he has no other choice, but because he consciously chooses to accept it and be present. It is because of his decision.

Developing this ability is the key, and all it takes it just a change in perception.

These are the self motivation tips of the master ;

It is not about what we think 'should' be the right thing to pursue, or what we feel we are interested in. Sometimes we are already where we are supposed to be, doing what we are supposed to be doing. Our current condition may be what's ultimately best for us in the long term. It is just we refuse to consider it as a possibility and acknowledge it.

Many people spend so much time resenting, refusing to accept and feeling angry about a situation that all their energy is spent on fighting against it. They never give themselves a chance to be present and in the flow.

When you let go of all assumptions, expectations and resentments about what you should or should not be doing, then you have total acceptance for what is. With that the motivation will naturally come.

The Universe works in mysterious ways and what appears to be unfavorable now may not turn out to be so in the grand scheme of things. So give these self motivation tips a try. Attempt it and you will be pleasantly surprised at the result you get.

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