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Learning The Art Of Manifestation

For some people, the art of manifestation and law of attraction is something that comes easily to them. However, for others it is like a mirage that can never seem to happen. Why is that? What makes the difference between these two groups of people?

The difference is in having the knowledge of how manifestation works and knowing what manifestation truly means. And with that, they have perfected their ability to manifest.

So is there anyway we can perfect the art of manifestation?

Here are some tips;

Get into the right state

Clear your mind and get into a peaceful state before you start manifesting. Let go of all negative emotions and ego needs such as the false feeling of self importance. Have total acceptance of yourself and your surroundings. Get out of your own little world and see the beauty and perfection of the world around you.

Until you are able to do that, don't even think about being able to manifest anything.


The last thing you want to do is to give conflicting signals to the Universe. That is why having absolute clarity and congruency is imperative to the art of manifestation.

If a person desires financial wealth, but at the same also fears that having it will bring negative effects such as destroy relationships or make a person selfish and arrogant, then he or she is sending out conflicting signals about what he or she wants.

Know what you truly want

Manifestation only happens when what you intend is congruent with your truest desires. When it is in line with what you want deep within spiritually.

You can never manifest ego based desires. Ego desires are material and superficial wants which only serve to distract you from pain and from focusing on the important life issues.

Practice quieting the mind and going within to further understand yourself; your purpose, the areas that you need to experience growth and your biggest life lessons. Meditate, experience and discover what are you truly seek and need in your current phase of life.

Don't be tied to expectation

Don't worry or be bothered about whether your intention will manifest or not. Once you start worrying, that is the sign that you have doubt. Instead, treat the art of manifestation as a miracle.

Manifesting isn’t an exact science. It’s a miracle. So be thankful when your intention manifests and if it does not, don’t feel upset or cheated, because miracles do not happen every day.

Get in the right state, positively intend for what you want, fully trust it will happen, and leave at there. Don’t worry about it anymore. Don’t be tied down to any expectation or worry. Just let go of any anxiety that you may have over it. Intend and let go.

Be patient

Everything will come when the time is right. It will happen when it happens. In the art of manifestation, having patience is a virtue that is priceless and infinitely important.

Don't force things to happen. Anytime you try to force anything, it will only make things worse. Have faith and believe that everything is timed to perfection. There is a reason why certain things take certain time to happen. It may not be obvious to you now, but in time you will understand and see that the timing of it was actually perfect.


Having belief is the most important aspect of manifestation. If you intend without belief, nothing will be manifested. Think of manifestation as a journey, with your belief being the guiding light that brings you to where you want to go.

Whenever you have doubts or lose belief, the guiding light dims, you get confused and start going the wrong way. Every second without the light brings you further and further away from reaching the destination of eventual manifestation.

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