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Wealth affirmations for prosperity and abundance

Practicing wealth affirmations

Having prosperity is one of the most desirable things in our modern culture. While that may be true, many people do have negative associations with prosperity either from past programming or mis-interpretations.

Align yourself to wholly attract and receive wealth in life by practicing these affirmations for prosperity.

Everyday I am increasing my prosperity

I attract wealth and abundance wherever I go

I now claim my birthright to Prosperity

Everyone deserves to be wealthy, and that includes me!

Wealth and abundance comes to me naturally!

I am an excellent giver and an excellent receiver!

The universe showers me with abundance everyday

I fully open myself up to receive prosperity from the universe

I allow unlimited prosperity to flow to me everyday

If others can be wealthy, so can I

I love being wealthy and I share it with the world

Here’s a great tip. To further reinforce it, repeat the affirmations whenever you receive money or anything valuable. No matter how large or small the amount is. Whether it’s your paycheck, receiving share dividends, a gift from a friend or just someone returning money he borrowed, say it out loud or internally ‘I attract wealth and abundance wherever I go!’.

It’s a simple practice but very effective.

Final Thoughts...

As usual practice these affirmations daily. Be consistent in your thought, words and deed. Say out the affirmations before going to sleep, and the first thing in the morning. Practice the affirmations with passion and energy, and truly believe in it!

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