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Use weight loss affirmations to help you achieve your ideal weight!

Here are some weight loss affirmations to use in your everyday affirmations practice. Apart from happiness and wealth, health and weight loss is the other major area that most people focus on improving in their lives. Given the lifestyle of our society nowadays, this doesn’t come as a surprise.

In these times of fast food, TV dinners, desk jobs, non-active entertainment (TV, computers etc) and automobiles, it is no wonder that weight management is one of the area in life that most people struggle with.

To counter this, we have our regular workouts and healthy eating programs. However, sometimes that is just not enough. The use of weight loss affirmations is a great complement to your regular weight maintenance routines such as exercise and eating balanced healthy meals.

Dedicate a part from your daily affirmations practice for specifically for weight loss. Or alternatively, schedule certain days/time of the week just to recite these affirmations.

weight loss affirmations

Affirmations For Weight Loss

Everyday I am feeling thinner and looking better

I love being healthy

Everyday in everyway, I am getting slimmer and fitter

I love exercising and making myself healthy

Everyday I am getting closer to my ideal weight

(can be made more specific by stating exact weight eg. 50 kgs)

I enjoy food that is healthy, balanced and makes me thin

I now claim my birthright to having a healthy and slim body

Losing weight comes easily and naturally to me

I am fully committed to reaching my ideal weight

If others can lose weight, so can I

I am on the road to health and fitness

Final thoughts…

Doing exercises and following weight loss programmes can help us achieve our health goals. But we must also cover the mental aspect of losing weight. These affirmations for weight loss covers the ‘mind’ aspect of weight loss. It helps us develop the belief and confidence that we can indeed achieve our health goals.

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