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Everyone knows of emotions, but what are emotions? The common description is that it is the feelings you have at a certain moment in time. Given how much effect and influence emotions have on human beings, surely we know that emotions are more than just fleeting feelings.

Emotions can be so strong and intense that it drives people to do crazy things, be it good or bad. Things like arguments, fights, hurting others, even killing and suicide. People are driven by emotions to do all these things. So I would assume that most people feel that they should understand more about what are emotions.

what are emotions
What are emotions?

There are so many definitions of emotions out there. To put it simply, emotions are what make us alive. It gives us our human nature. It is not just fleeting feelings, but rather state changes which affect our whole being. Emotions are pretty complex and it links thoughts, feelings and actions together. Emotions lead to changes in our mental and physiological states such as heart beat, breathing etc. It affects your biological states and electro-chemical reactions.

What are emotions for?

The changes in consciousness and physiology brought about by emotions are to act as a survival mechanism. When you sense danger, there is an increase in your heartbeat rate, breathing, blood flow and adrenaline rush to make you more alert and better prepared to face the danger. Thus emotions are actually very useful.

When things are going great, when you’re enjoying life, your emotion will let you know that things are fine and you’re on the right track. You will feel happy, relaxed, calm, excited etc when that happens.

When we feel negative emotions, it is a signal that things are not going well. That emotion is telling you that you need to make some changes to your current situation. This is where most people miss the message. Instead of heeding the message and having a hard look at what they could possibly do better, a lot of people try to get rid of that emotion by venting it out or through various other means. By doing that, rather than using the emotion as a signal, they are allowing the emotion to be a negative force that controls them.

How does emotions originate?

Perhaps not surprisingly, it is comes from both internally and externally. Emotions arises in response to external happenings but the manner of the response is driven internally. Take lightning for example. When there is a thunderstorm happening, one person may be afraid of the lightning, while another may feel in awe of it’s power and energy. Both emotions originated in response to the lightning, but the type of emotions they felt came from within.

So the bottom line is, no matter what’s going on externally, you are still the source of the emotion you feel.

Final thoughts…

You are the source of your emotions. Your emotions serve you and are a call to action. Learn from it and use it to help you get results. Hope this article helped you have a better understanding of what are emotions.

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